Who can register a property?

If you own or manage a contemporary, typical, charming, modern, natural, old... site of an abbey, a manor, a factory, a restaurant, you can propose your estate for a shooting location in the database of the web site www.pixaloca.be.

Your registration in this database is free of charge.

How does this database of film locations work?

This database is consulted by professionals and only by film and audiovisual professionals (directors, producers, chief decorators...) who are looking for locations for their next films. Their registration to the "Pixaloca.be" website is entirely controlled by the administrator.

All information contained in the "pixaloca.be" database complies with the Data Protection Act. No confidential information (contact details of the owner, address and geographical location of the place) is included on the online site, only photos and some descriptive information are visible.

If a film crew is interested in your property after having obtained the information on our website, they will systematically contact the administrator to obtain your contact details, who will have first contacted you to check availability, to present you with their project and to negotiate the conditions for its completion.

The offer of decors being vast and varied, it can take a long time before your property is the subject of a request from a production company.

Who decides where to shoot?

The choice of a location is the responsibility of the Production department (director and producer...).

Pixaloca remains neutral and does not have the task of choosing filming locations but to propose them.

Before choosing a location, a director and his producer will need to visit many more locations. Also, a location with you does not necessarily mean that your location will be selected for the film. It is possible that several visits will follow one another before the final choice is made.

If your property is finally chosen, the shooting authorization and the conditions for making your property available (duration of occupation, rental rates,...) will be negotiated with the production company. In case of the presence of a tenant, it is necessary to obtain his agreement.

Time spent occupying a location

The occupation of a place can last between 1 day and several weeks depending on the content of the scenario and the budget of the film.

The occupation of a place for a film provides for:

  • The assembly (it is the time to prepare and arrange a place)
  • The shooting
  • The disassemby (This is the moment when the place is restored to its original state)

The film crew

A film crew is at least 20 people who will be with you for the duration of the filming.

Your contact person on the set

For better communication and to facilitate solutions in case of problems, it is advisable to ask for a team member to be designated as the contact person.

This may be the production manager or the general manager.

The Turning Convention

Productions generally have standard agreements for making a location available for their filming.

The agreement must specify the duration (date of assembly, shooting, dismantling), the conditions for making the premises available (with any adjustments to be made), the pricing and payment terms, civil liability clauses, confidentiality clauses, modification and cancellation conditions.


Each production company must take out insurance to cover its professional activity, particularly with regard to the use of film locations.

It is essential to obtain the insurance certificate from the company that has scheduled a shooting in your country (to be attached to the agreement).


The remuneration is evaluated according to the surface area, originality and duration of occupation of the decor.

However, the latter can vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros.